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New course: Security Surveillance Management

Service Description

  • TGS-2023022247

  • Course Code: SEC-TEM-2004-1.1

  • Course Objective:

- Operate Remote Surveillance.

- Identify abnormal and suspicious behaviour.

- Report abnormal behaviours and escalate situations to enforcement.

  • Course Learning Outcome:

- Upon completion of the course, learners would be able to obtain as well as record surveillance information accurately using appropriate surveillance equipment in accordance with relevant legal & organisational requirements. Officers would also be able to Perform remote access surveillance functions using security software programmes and equipment such as CCTV, Computers, Recorders & Monitor.

  • Course Duration:

16 Hrs (2 Days), Excluding lunch break. (9am - 6pm x 2 Days)

  • Assessment Details:

An assessment of 1.5 hours will be conducted by POLWEL at Etann Consultants Pte Ltd. Results will be made known immediately after assessment.

**Existing SOs will need to pass the following additional module by 31 Dec 2025 **Effective 1 Jan 2024, promoting SOs will need to pass the following additional module before being promoted


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