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SACE Consultation

Etann Consultation Services is a distinguished provider of consultancy services specializing in the Core & Electives Security Agencies Competency Evaluation (SACE). Recently recognized with a "Special Mention" at the SSIA 2022 Awards for Best Security Consultancy Firm, Etann plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Security Agencies (SAs) meet essential criteria for licensing.

The consultancy, led by Principal Consultant Fazly Johari, has been instrumental in achieving a 100% passing rate in SACE audit outcomes since 2021. The core competencies assessed include various aspects of security management, and it is mandatory for SAs to pass all these competencies to be eligible for a one-year license. Starting from January 1, 2023, SAs passing all 9 core and 5 elective competencies will be eligible for a two-year license tenure.

Etann's consultancy services go beyond assessments, incorporating red teaming exercises to identify vulnerabilities and enhance security awareness. The company's Consultant cum Trainer, hailing from an established Training Centre, conducts scenario exercises to train security officers in responding to security breaches and emergencies.

A unique aspect of Etann's approach is its close collaboration with management and operations staff of client companies to ensure comprehensive and well-documented reports that meet the criteria of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Department (PLRD). The consultancy emphasizes implementing effective strategies for both command centers and physical deployment sites.

Etann excels in delivering solutions that are easily understandable and actionable for clients. The focus is on decreasing risks during pre-audit assessments to guarantee that clients achieve competency in their SACE audit assessments. The importance of meeting the stipulated licensing criteria for security agencies, in addition to competency assessments, is highlighted, underlining the holistic approach adopted by Etann Consultation Services in ensuring the security readiness of its clients.

Our Principal Consultants

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Principal Consultant

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