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ETANN Consultants Pte Ltd is an Approved Training Organization (ATO) approved by SkillsFuture Singapore. Our humble roots started in August 2019 under a new Management with a mission to provide lifelong learning and continuing education through knowledge, skills upgrading, certification and career development. Our Core business is providing reliable, relevant and cost-effective Security courses to upskill and empower our Singapore workforce. These programmes are structured to meet the quality system and stringent criteria of the Skills Future Singapore (SSG).

We take great pride in delivering security training courses that will help you gain relevant skills and meet Organizational needs!


We also provide Consultancy services for Security Agencies Competency Evaluation (SACE). It is mandatory for all Security Agencies (SAs) to attain a “pass” in all Core Competencies to be eligible for a one-year licence. Agencies will also be evaluated closer to the date of their licence expiry. From 2023 onwards, agencies will be evaluated for Elective Competencies.

We offer Security courses such as:

  • Provide Guard and Patrol Services & Operate Basic Security Equipment 

  • Handle Security Incidents and Services

  • Recognise Terrorist Threat

  • Perform Remote Surveillance Function

  • Operate Basic Security Equipment

  • Manage Disorderly Conduct & Threatening Behaviour

  • Supervise Security Officer

  • Induct Security Personnel

  • Perform Supervisory Duties Within Legal Framework

  • Conduct Security Screening of Person & Bag

  • Perform Security Duties at Protected Areas and Protected Places

  • Conduct Crowd & Traffic Control


We do provide Certification accredited by SRFAC:

  • CPR (HO) + AED course

  • Standard first Aid with CPR + AED (2-day in class training)

  • CERT First Aider with CPR + AED (1-day in class training)

Other services we provide:

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Effective Negotiation Skills

  • Red-Teaming Exercise

  • Table-Top Exercises

  • ​Business Continuity Plan

  • Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA)

Security Courses

Security Courses

Etann Consultants offers a wide range of WSQ Security Training Courses from Basic Licensing Unit Courses for new entrants to Courses for Security Officers who wants to upgrade themselves to Senior or Supervisor.

PWM Basic Licensing Unit Courses

In order to become a Security Officer, individuals need to complete and pass the following 3 Basic Licensing Courses

1. Guard and Patrol - Provide Guard and Patrol Services & Operate Basic Security Equipment (PGPS&OBSE)

2. Incident Response - Handle Security Incidents and Services (HSIS)

3. Threat Observations - Recognize Terrorist Threats (RTT)

For more information regarding the steps to become a Security Officer, click here

PWM Senior Security Courses

Requirements for Senior Security Officer: At least 6 months as a security officer + 2 certificate modules

1. Security Surveillance Management - Perform Remote Surveillance Function (PRSF)

2. Deterrence - Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening behaviour (MDCTB)

3. Access Control Management - Operate Basic Security Equipment (OBSE)

PWM Security Supervisor Course

Requirements for Security Supervisor : At least 1 year as a senior security officer + 1 advanced licensing unit + 2 elective modules

1. Guard and Patrol - Supervise Security Officers (SS)

2. Capability Development - Induct Security Personnel (ISP)

3. Security Operation Compliance - Perform Supervisory Duties Within Legal Framework (PSDWLF)

PWM Recommended Security Courses

These are courses that are not compulsory but would be beneficial to develop your skills.

1. Security Screening Management - Conduct Security Screening of Person & Bag (CSSPB)

By completing this course, you will be exposed to more job opportunities in the industry as this course is compulsory for Security Officers who are deployed to conduct screening using walk-through or handheld metal detectors or conduct a bag search based on PLRD regulations.

2. Deterrence - Perform Security Duties at Protected Areas and Protected Places (PAPP)

This course equip individuals with the skills to apply appropriate actions and prevent undesired outcomes at protected areas and places.

3. Crowd and control control Management - Conduct Crowd & Traffic Control (CCTC)

This module provides participant with the knowledge and skills in understanding and monitoring crowd behaviour for efficient crowd control.

For more information regarding the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the Security industry, click here 

SACE Consultation

SACE Consultation

Etann Consultation Services is a distinguished provider of consultancy services specializing in the Core & Electives Security Agencies Competency Evaluation (SACE). Recently recognized with a "Special Mention" at the SSIA 2022 Awards for Best Security Consultancy Firm, Etann plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Security Agencies (SAs) meet essential criteria for licensing.

The consultancy, led by Principal Consultant Fazly Johari, has been instrumental in achieving a 100% passing rate in SACE audit outcomes since 2021. The core competencies assessed include various aspects of security management, and it is mandatory for SAs to pass all these competencies to be eligible for a one-year license. Starting from January 1, 2023, SAs passing all 9 core and 5 elective competencies will be eligible for a two-year license tenure.

Etann's consultancy services go beyond assessments, incorporating red teaming exercises to identify vulnerabilities and enhance security awareness. The company's Consultant cum Trainer, hailing from an established Training Centre, conducts scenario exercises to train security officers in responding to security breaches and emergencies.

A unique aspect of Etann's approach is its close collaboration with management and operations staff of client companies to ensure comprehensive and well-documented reports that meet the criteria of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Department (PLRD). The consultancy emphasizes implementing effective strategies for both command centers and physical deployment sites.

Etann excels in delivering solutions that are easily understandable and actionable for clients. The focus is on decreasing risks during pre-audit assessments to guarantee that clients achieve competency in their SACE audit assessments. The importance of meeting the stipulated licensing criteria for security agencies, in addition to competency assessments, is highlighted, underlining the holistic approach adopted by Etann Consultation Services in ensuring the security readiness of its clients.

Our Principal Consultants

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Principal Consultant

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Deputy Consultant

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Associate Consultant



IT Consultant

Lifesaving Skills Course

Learn and be equipped with lifesaving skills.

CPR and AED Course

We offer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course where you will be equipped with the skills to perform CPR precisely and use the AED machine properly when required.

Upon completion, learners will be awarded with a certificate to recognize their competencies accredited by SRFACvalid for 2 years.

Studies have shown that by performing CPR and the use of AED immediately after cardiac arrest, the casualty's chance of survival would increase. On the other hand, for every minute of delayed treatment the chance of survival decreases by 7-10%.

CPR is an emergency procedure (combination of chest compressions and artificial ventilation breathing) used when a person’s heart stops beating or breathing ceases. 

AED is a portable device used to treat people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, it analyzes the heart's rhythm and when necessary, delivers an electrical shock (defibrillation) to help the heart get back into a normal rhythm.

Life Skills Course
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