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Admin Manager / Trainer

“GROWTH MINDSET” & “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, this is the mantra of Mr Leo D’Cruz. He is an  individual with over 10 years of global interaction and experience in providing SOLUTIONS in training and non training areas to business owners in the area of Sales, Product Support, Customer Service, Warranty, etc. 

His ability of being commercially astute has made him an outstanding member of Etann Security Management Consultant Pte Ltd, not only in the department of training but administration as well. Being an individual who can motivate fellow employees to exceed their KPIs, Mr Leo has lent his prowess in facilitation during training to assist individuals achieve their goals to embark their profession in the security industry.

His academic qualifications includes:

1.    Masters Degree (Adult, Tertiary & Continuing Education)

2.    ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment)

3.    SDAF (Specialist Diploma in Advanced Facilitation)

Apart from his academic qualifications, he is also equipped with SOAs of:

  1. Provide Guard and Patrol Services

  2. Handle Security Incidents and Services

  3. Recognise Terrorist Threats

  4. Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour

  5. Operate Basic Security Equipment

Mr Leo’s ability to think in depth for the most delicate situations, made him an outstanding candidate while he was a trainee in Etann. His immerse thoughts and positive predicting ability impressed the management of Etann, so much so that, he was invited to join the family of Etann and since has contributed to the growth of Etann at the highest level. At present he is heading the administration team, while conducting frequent trainings in Etann.

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