Co-Founder and Resident Trainer

Mr Charles Edward is the co-founder and resident trainer of the newly revamped Etann Security Management Consultant Pte Ltd. Having been blessed with fore-sight, he had stood the test of time and trial of Etann’s growing needs and challenges. Rising through rank and file operationally 12 years ago in private security, he had acquired his WSQ certifications in the following;

*Provide Guard and Patrol Services ( 2009 ) - Premier Training Centre

*Handle Security Incidents ( 2009 ) - Premier Training Centre

*Supervise security officers (2009) - Premier Training Centre

*HCTA; Handle counter-terrorist activities (2012) - Security Industry Institute

*PPS; People protection services (2012) - Security Industry Institute

*Diploma in Security Management (2012) - Security Industry Institute

*CSSP/B; Security screening of person and bag ( 2015) - Aetos Guard Services

*Demonstrate service vision (2016) - Singapore GP

*Comply with WSH policies and procedures (2015) - Premier Training Centre

*ACTA; Advanced cert. in training and assessment (2015) - NTUC LearningHub

*PAPP; Protected Areas and Protected Places (2020) - APRO Training Academy

*Conduct Crowd and Traffic Control (2021) - Knowledge Tree Centre

*Conduct Security Screening and Search of Vehicles (2021) - Knowledge Tree Centre

He had been on the ground to conduct security ops. at permanent deployments and numerous lifestyle and high-profile events for 8 years. He had also conducted  on-site training and assessment for security agencies in the Security Agency Grading Exercise(SAGE) since 2016 through Ascendo Academy, Etann Auxiliary Training Centre, Doctrina Consultants and Fortis Consultants.

Mr Edward embarked upon WSQ classroom training in 2019 and assists to develop the training business with his team. As a firm believer in life-long learning, he looks forward to his continuous learning and specializations to add value to his call to train, motivate and inspire trainees. A motto that he had initially coined for the business; Learn to Live. Live to Learn, is the epitome of learning and competence in Etann.

Mr Edward is currently ranked as Chief Security Officer (CSO) in Private Security and Security Industry Institute/Temasek Polytecnic alumnus.