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Assistant Training Manager

Mr Abu Bakar Othman has been honoured with many certifications in his training carrer spanning over 30 years. An esteemed APO Trainer for 15 years and has served CERTIS CISCO for 26 years.

WSQ Trainer / Assessor since 2013 till current. He has Conducted Overseas Training for Saudi Arabia Embassy in particular in-house security officers (Uganda and Moroni Island). Was a relief discipline master at Republic Polytechnic from 2013 to 2019.

Through the experience obtained from a different industries, Abu Bakar understands better the emotional connections for communication for work and even personal lives.

Today, he trains individuals from different walks of life owing to his wideexposure to various Security Establishments at ETANN Consultants as an Assistant Training Manager. He uses Accelerated and Experiential Learning in all the trainings for rapid and efftive results required by today's security management.

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