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Check Out New PGPS & OBSE Course



As part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of security and public safety education, we are pleased to announce the LAUNCH of our new integrated course: Provide Guard and Patrol Services (PGPS) and Operate Basic Security Equipment (OBSE). This dynamic and comprehensive course will commence in September 2023 and marks an important transition in our approach to training.

In line with the ever-evolving landscape of security and enforcement, this transition represents a shift from traditional manpower-dependent methodologies to a more technology-driven approach. As the security domain becomes increasingly complex, embracing technology is crucial to staying ahead of emerging threats and effectively managing crisis. This new course will equip participants to prepare for Security Officer duty, perform access control and patrolling duties as well as basic technological skills.

With the introduction of the integrated PGPS and OBSE course in September onwards, we will be discontinuing the standalone PGPS module. This new enhancements to mandatory training ensure that our training remains aligned with the evolving needs of security agencies and the broader industry. The new course offers a more comprehensive and versatile learning experience, better preparing participants for the multifaceted challenges they may encounter in their roles.

Effective 1 Jan 2024, NEW Security Officers will need to pass the following mandatory modules before being deployed: Guard and Patrol, Access Control Management (Provide Guard and Patrol Services and Operate Basic Security Equipment).

Please do approach our friendly service officers at 8733 1539 (WhatsApp) or +65 741 2792 to know more on the details.


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