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A little Inspiration Goes a Long Way

If there's one thing on similar stories, it's the amazing potential of all people, regardless of their age and physical abilities.

Our learner, Mdm Lin, upgraded herself by attending SSO course. She has successfully completed her OBSE recently.

We often hear people say "I am too old to learn new things". That wasn't in the case of Mdm Lin.

She shared with us that "You are not too old so stop using age as an excuse. Learning and reaching any goals is about fulfilling yourself."

We were extremely impressed with her determination. She added "My Trainer, Mr Abu Bakar teaching approach was good, the objectives and rationale were clear to me. Aside, the training room is conducive. I am now looking forward for MDCTB course soon."

In ETANN, we care for every individuals. Wish you well in your future endeavours Mdm Lin!


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