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Operation Learning Manager

Mr. Zulkiffle is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the fields of training and security operations. Holding a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Birmingham and various certifications in training, leadership, and automated robotics design, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his roles.

Throughout his career, Mr. Zulkiffle has demonstrated expertise in the full spectrum of training, learning, and development, including training analysis, facilitation, courseware, and program administration. His proficiency extends to security operations, human resources, business development, sales, and marketing.

With a solid educational background and a diverse set of skills, Mr. Zulkiffle has been a key contributor in multiple organizations. His extensive experience includes roles such as Senior Trainer at A/F Global Academy, where he specialized in security systems and facilities. He has also held significant positions at UEMS Pte Ltd, CCCS Intl, NTUC Learning HUB, and other reputable institutions.

Known for his proficiency in Microsoft applications and excellent delivery of training methodologies, Mr. Zulkiffle has consistently demonstrated his ability to support various stakeholders, including HR and management. His willingness to travel for overseas training in the APAC region underscores his commitment to professional development.

Mr. Zulkiffle's career journey showcases a track record of success, adaptability, and resilience. His comprehensive skill set, coupled with a proactive approach, makes him a valuable asset in the fields of training, security, and business development.

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