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Resident Trainer

Mr Peter Choo is considered to be the veteran in the security industry. His experience ranges from 2003 till the present times. His immerse experiences includes handling the areas of Operation Executive, Recruitment Planning, Site Security Assessment and Implementation, Security Consultant for Security Operations, etc. His favourite part of his job at any time is to counsel and manage the morale of his staffs, through constant interaction during site visits, identifying staffs’ potential and sending them for appropriate courses to further motivate and develop them. This quality of his as been well admired not only by his peers, but in Etann as well. Now, he uses his ability of identifying, mentoring and lifting the morale of Etann’s candidates, earning accolade from all the candidates who are trained by him.


He is equipped with SOAs of:

  1. Provide Guard and Patrol Services

  2. Handle Security Incidents and Services

  3. Recognise Terrorist Threats

  4. Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour

  5. Operate Basic Security Equipment

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