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Course Code: 

Course Objective: 

Individual is able to gain knowledge and apply skills required to use proper methods of screening and methods of searching on a person and a bag. This course teaches the essential knowledge and skills on using both the walk-through and hand-held metal detectors.

Course Outline

Prepare Security Screening Duty

  1. Clarify duty assignment details with appropriate authority in doubt

  2. Check security screening equipment for operational status

Prepare Person for Security Screening

  1. Greet person entering checkpoint courteously in accordance with organisational greetings standard

  2. Inform person entering checkpoint to courteously comply with walk-through metal detector security screening in accordance with organisational procedures

  3. Guide person to walk through walk-through metal detector

Prepare Security Screening with Walk-through metal and Hand-held Metal Detector

  1. Observe person walking through walk-through metal detector

  2. Identify activation signal in accordance with established organisational procedures

  3. Conduct verbal check followed by hand-held metal detector screening when activation signal is identified according to organisational procedures

  4. Prohibit entry/exit and inform appropriate authority where person refused to be screened in accordance with organisational procedures and client requirements

  5. Handle prohibited items in accordance with organisational procedures and premise requirements

  6. Thank person for his/her co-operation and patience according to organisational greetings standard

Conduct Manual Screening (pat-down) of Person

  1. Identify the need to conduct search of person

  2. Inform appropriate authority when person refused to comply with instructions of Screening Officer

  3. Conduct screening of person in accordance with limits of authority of Screening Officer and established organisational procedures and with presence of authorised personnel

  4. Conduct pat-down search according to areas of checksReport to appropriate authority when suspicious item is found

Conduct Manual Bag Search

  1. Identify the need to undertake bag search and inform person courteously whose items are to be manually searched to comply with instructions from screening

  2. Perform manual bag search

  3. Conduct manual bag search arising from suspicious item found

  4. Seek permission from appropriate authority when there is a special request to search in privacy

  5. Handle suspicious item in accordance with organisational procedures

Conclude Security Screen Activities

  1. Log out and switch off security equipment in accordance with organisational procedures

  2. Check work area for cleanliness and tidiness

  3. Return all equipment to appropriate authority

  4. Record all incidents in activity report and submit to appropriate authority in accordance with organisational procedures

Course Duration:

24 Hrs (3 Days), Excluding lunch break.

(9am - 6pm)

Assessment Details:

An assessment of 2 hours will be conducted by POLWEL at Etann Security Consultant Pte Ltd. Results will be made known immediately after assessment. 

Certification Details:

Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will be issued for each module graded competent. SOA reflected as SEC-SOP-1012-1.1 Security Screening Management.

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