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Adult Education Course


Course Code: 

Course Objective: 

Individual is able to gain knowledge and skills in managing disorderly conduct, deal with threatening and abusive behaviour and be able to apply them in the workplace.

Course Outline

Preparation For Duty

  1. Prepare and dress according to organisational grooming standards

  2. Clarify details of work assignment and requirement for the day

  3. Prepare area for work activities

Deter Threatening Behaviour Through Visible Security Presence

  1. Identify areas of activities that may be high risk to abnormal behaviour

  2. Show visible presence in designated areas to deter abnormal behaviour

  3. Recognise abnormal behaviour promptly

  4. Discourage abnormal behaviour with another security officer in pair

  5. Report to supervisor or control room for reinforcements to deal with abnormal behaviour

  6. Refer to briefing notes and instructions from clients on management of banned characters

  7. Report details of intrusion to appropriate authorities in the event of entry of persons

  8. Escalate situation to supervisor or police, in the case of emergency or fire

  9. Comply with legal requirements and organisational procedures when deterring threatening behaviour through visible security presence

Deal With Disorderly/threatening Behaviour

  1. Identify disorderly/threatening behaviour

  2. Respond quickly to abnormal behaviour together with other security officer

  3. Demonstrate effective communication skills

  4. Get immediate help from others, when necessary if situation escalates

  5. Report details of adverse behaviour to appropriate authorities

Course Duration:

16 Hrs (2 Days), Excluding lunch break.

(9am - 6pm x 2 Days)

Assessment Details:

An assessment of 2 hours will be conducted by POLWEL at Etann Security Consultant Pte Ltd. Results will be made known immediately after assessment. 

Certification Details:

Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will be issued for each module graded competent. SOA reflected as SEC-ICM-1001-1.1 Deterrence.

Please send your application to

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